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  • Do you have long term money to invest (5 years or more)?
  • Would you like a guaranteed annual return of at least 2%?

Would you like to pay no tax on the annual growth?

If you answered yes to these three questions, call Woody Ennis @ 503-781-7958.  We can probably help you!

Woody Ennis, President of Asset Protection Professionals, has helped thousands of people throughout the North Western United States to have the comfortable and secure retirement they deserve. Woody has been helping people achieve their financial goals for the past 30 years.

The major concern of retired Americans is: What if I outlive my savings? Is there a simple solution to this complex problem? YES!

What is the solution? A fixed index annuity (FIA).

What are Annuities?

  • A Tax Deferred savings plan offered by insurance companies
  • Are there different types of Annuities?
  • Yes ~ Fixed, Variable, and Fixed Index

Why is the FIA a good solution?

Your principal is fully protected if the stock market falls. Earnings are “locked in” every year and fully protected. Your annual earnings will never be less than 2% per year—NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. The FIA offers stock market returns without any stock market risk. (My clients have averaged 8% per year by using this solution.)

References can be provided upon request.

Call me at 503-781-7958 for a complementary appointment to discuss your major concerns.

175 local retires are enjoying the above benefits with absolute peace of mind. They will be happy to tell you what the FIA has done for them!

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